Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

VDG Kitchen Cleaning Staff conduct cleaning, detailing, and sanitising of all items and surfaces to the entire facility in accordance with HACCP specifications, whilst maintaining the integrity and durability of all items and surfaces being serviced, enhancing and protecting the client’s assets.

Some of the Roles and Responsibilities of VDG Kitchen Cleaning Staff include:

  • Floors to be left in clean, non-slip condition, free of dirt, grease, debris under and around edges of benches and kitchen equipment.
  • Walls, ceilings, benches, stainless steel surfaces and fittings to be clean, free of dust with no visible marks or debris.

Stewarding services

Stewarding Staff are selected from VDG permanent employee database. All Stewarding Staff nominated for the performance of such Contracts are proficient to Stewarding Operations and have relevant experience in the Hospitality Industry.

Some of the Roles and Responsibilities of VDG Stewarding Staff include:

  • Ensure all health regulations are maintained.
  • Cleaning, sanitation and storage of china, glass, silverware and service pieces.