Covid - 19

VDG have followed Government and Health Authority recommended guidelines for the coronavirus and the potential risk, symptoms and preventive measures to protect team members, clients, colleagues and the public.
All staff have access and follow the VDG Covid-19 Infectious Disease Plan, created to generate awareness and implement recommended procedures.

VDG have adopted the following initiatives:

  • Offering Clients additional detailed sanitation cleans.
  • Install and offer Clients automatic hand sanitising stations placed at entrances of facilities.
  • Advanced stock order of disinfectant, face masks, PPE etc. ensuring stock is readily available.
  • Utilising only the highest grade of disinfectant.
  • Increased cleaning cycles on touch points.
  • Undertaking specific toolbox talks nationally with reference to our policy for infectious diseases.
  • Development of Safe Work Procedures tailored made for the outbreak.
  • Rags disposed of after being utilised.
  • Replacement and secure laundering of all mops and microfibre.
  • Ensuring all staff always undergo the highest personal hygiene standards.